E at Ten Months Old

E turned ten months old on August 7th (yes, I’m late again).

She is crawling and cruising around the furniture a ton, and she loves to walk around the house holding onto my hands. She’s starting to try to let go and can stand by herself momentarily! She’s not quite there yet, but she’s getting better at balancing every day.

She’s testing boundaries — she knows her name and what ‘no’ means, but she doesn’t always want to listen. Sometimes I’ll tell her to stop doing something (usually, “No, don’t put that in your mouth!” and she stops momentarily, then looks at me and slowly brings the object back to her mouth. We could be in trouble when she’s two.


She has started saying ‘mama’ — and I think she might be saying it with purpose!

She has six teeth — four on top and two on bottom — and her hair is growing, slowly but surely. She’s still such a little thing — very petite. She looks younger than ten months and can still fit in 6-9 month clothes (and even some 3-6 months) much better than 12 months. She’s got that sweet double chin and — my favorite — elbow/knee dimples, so she is certainly healthy.


She is also nursing like a champ (still) and loves to eat table food. She won’t touch purees these days — even pouches are cast aside if there is food she can pick up and chew within view. There is little she doesn’t like so far! (But I know her brother was the same way at this age, and that may┬áchange.)

E’s stats at 10 months:

  • Teeth: 6
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Clothing size: 6-9 months (and some 12 month)
  • Sleeping: Very well — two naps during the day and 12+ hours at night
  • Favorite foods: black beans, bananas, green peas

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