E at Nine Months Old

E turned 9 months on July 7 — she’s been out longer than she was in at this point!

She’s a busy little girl and has been making huge strides since her eight month update. She’s fully crawling on hands and knees now and can get herself into a sitting position all by herself. She’s also pulling up on furniture and people’s hands. Her favorite thing to do is to hold on to someone’s hands and walk around. She’s getting to be a pro — but she’s not quite ready to stand on her own yet. She also tries to climb using whatever she can as a foothold. She’s totally on the go!


I’m sure her brother helps. She continues to be fascinated by him and watches in awe (or maybe confusion) as he races around the house. He’s super sweet with her, giving her kisses and singing to her unprompted. She gives him kisses, too!


E has finally sprouted some new teeth — the count is up to 4 now! She had just a single snaggletooth on the bottom for a long time, but her other front teeth have caught up.


Otherwise, she’s growing steadily. Still long and lean, but she remains very petite. She’s much smaller than her brother was at this age — he was wearing 12 month clothes at 6 months old!


While she’s been doing fine with naps and usually goes to sleep immediately, bedtime has been a different story. It’s been hard for us because the kids’ bedrooms share a wall, so when we would put E to bed first, J often woke her up (even with our reminders to be quiet) — she seems to be a rather light sleeper. But J’s bedtime is significantly later than hers — he’s simply not ready for bed at 6:30 like she is, especially with Daylight Savings Time. (Never thought I’d lament DST until I had kids.) So if we put her down early, she gets woken up and has trouble going back to sleep — but if we wait until he’s in bed first, she is at the point of being overtired (and there’s nothing worse than an overtired baby).

I remember the good old days when we had just one kid and could stick to a very set bedtime routine, complete with a book. E’s bedtime routine usually skips the book part (I’m trying hard to re-introduce it to her routine) because she’s so tired and hungry by the time we’re sitting down to go to bed. It’s tough trying to balance the needs of two kids. (I can’t imagine how hard it must be with more.)


But all these night difficulties came to a head around her 9 month birthday. One night about a week ago, she was simply inconsolable. It was partly our own fault because she had become overtired (see sibling bedtime issues above), but no matter how much we rocked or nursed or soothed her, even our presence in her room seemed to do more harm than good. Eventually, we just gave up and left her alone for a while. It took about three and a half hours of crying and failed attempts to soothe her, but she finally went to sleep on her own. The next night was another struggle — but shorter — and it’s gotten better and better every night since. Last night, we put her to bed before 8 pm and she stayed asleep until her typical 3 am feeding.

I think this means she has learned to soothe herself and put herself to sleep! Fingers crossed that this means more relaxing evenings for a while.

I did find out at the doctor that E is very slightly anemic. I tend to be anemic myself (I know I was when I was pregnant), so I wonder if I might be anemic again and the lack of iron is affecting her via breastmilk. I was told to start giving her an iron supplement, but I’m also trying to ensure that she and I both eat more iron-rich foods. Fortunately, she’s a great eater so far — wants to try everything (especially if it’s on my plate and not hers).


E’s Stats at 9 months:

  • Weight: 15 pounds, 3 ounces (8%)
  • Height: 28.8 inches (89%)
  • Head: 17.4 inches (55%)
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Clothing size: 6-9 months (and some 12 month)
  • Favorite activities: Pulling up and walking while holding on to your hands
  • Favorite foods: Anything she can pick up with her fingers! Cubes of butternut squash and sliced carrots, beans at the Mexican restaurant, lasagna with meat, biscuits… There’s nothing she doesn’t like.
  • Dislikes: Being tired or alone (as always). There’s not much that she doesn’t enjoy, though. Even getting her diaper and clothes changed or taking baths. She’s such a pleasant baby for the most part!

For comparison, here’s J’s 9 month update!

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