E at Eight Months Old

Once again, I have failed to blog between monthly updates. I have the same old excuse — no time. I promise it’s valid.

Ah, but with each month that passes, this little munchkin gets bigger — and cuter, if that’s even possible.


E had a huge month! Here are some of the highlights.

She went to the beach for the first time… and hated it. She didn’t like the wind at all, and she cried every time her feet touched the water.


She didn’t mind the sand, though. She tried to eat it every chance she got. I┬áthink she’s starting to understand the word ‘no,’ although she clearly doesn’t always obey.


She definitely knows her name now, though. Say it, and she turns to look!


While we were at the beach, she also sprouted her first tooth (front bottom right) and mastered the art of crawling on her tummy. She pulls herself along with her hands and pushes with her feet — mostly her right foot, so maybe she’ll be a righty.

After we got home, she was significantly more mobile than before. The playpen has been set up! Gone are the days when she would stay where I put her down.


She may still be new to crawling, but little girl is in a big hurry to walk. She’s skipping right over crawling on hands and knees and is trying to pull up. She can do it with just a tiny bit of help, and once she’s standing up, she tries to let go. She’s super confident and way more risky than her brother was. (He didn’t start walking until 16 months!)

Eating is going well so far. She’s eager to try new things and eat like the rest of the family. If we’re all eating, she smacks her lips and looks longingly at our forks. Now that she’s sitting confidently, we’ve started putting her in high chairs at restaurants — no more carrying that darn car seat around.


She loves to pick up and eat Happy Baby puffs or pieces of banana, and she’s becoming an expert at using her thumb and forefinger. She’s had a bit of a bad reaction on the two occasions that I gave her pears — suddenly spitting up in the middle of dinner. Not sure what the reason is, but I think we’ll hold off on giving her pears for a while.


Sleeping has been rather different lately. She has started waking up in the middle of the night again, sometimes two or three times. She is (and always has been) very sensitive to temperature — she will only stay asleep if her room is between 74 and 76 degrees. If it goes above or below that, she’s up immediately.

Napping, on the other hand, has been a bit better — she will often nap for about 2 hours at a time (it used to be only an hour if I was lucky).


E is such a joy to be with — she is full of laughter and smiles and loves to be around people. Her babysitters all tell me how easy and precious she is, and I couldn’t agree more. How I lucked out with two easy babies, I’ll never know.


E’s stats at 8 months:

  • Height/weight: Not sure, but she has definitely grown. She seems giant to me lately.
  • Clothing size: 6-9 months
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Teeth: 1 (front bottom right)
  • Milestones: sitting unassisted very well; army crawling; starting to pull up
  • Favorite foods: butternut squash mixed with apple; carrots with ginger; bananas; scrambled eggs!
  • Favorite activities: crawling and rolling around; bouncing in her jumper; chewing on shoes (yes, we stop her); laughing at her brother and her daddy
  • Dislikes: being left alone; being stuck in the playpen for too long; being too hot or too cold

And just for fun, here’s J’s eight months post from almost three years ago!

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