E at Seven Months Old

Between last month’s update and this one, my tardiness is becoming a trend. Life is constantly catching me off-guard and I’m having some difficulty keeping up. J was sick, then he had an allergic reaction to penicillin (just fabulous.), then we had the house painted so the kids and I visited my parents, then there was tons of stress at work… It’s a lot to handle.


When I do have a moment to relax and enjoy, it’s usually when the kids are being their adorable selves. J is really into pretend play these days, making up stories and songs all the time. Of course, he still has his share of three-year-old moments (you know, the not-so-cute ones), but then he sings happy birthday to Batman, and all is forgiven.


And E — what a sweet little girl. She is sitting up (pretty) confidently now, and has started to scoot around on the floor! She’s not exactly army crawling — she mostly spins herself in circles to get across the room. It’s kind of strange, but she’s got a system and it’s working for her, so I’m not going to criticize. I love watching her problem-solve — it’s like she’s thinking, “OK, how do I get over to that thing?” She lies on her tummy all the time, alternating between waving her arms and legs in the air (‘swimming’) and pushing her arms straight in front of her to lift herself up. In other news, she has escaped the Bumbo (?!), so I no longer consider it a safe place to put her.


This month, she’s spent a lot of time grunting — I guess that’s what it is, anyway. I remember her brother going through a similar phase. I’m trying to coax “mama” out of her, but she just gives me a giant grin. She’s laughing a little more and seems to be ticklish on her sides now! She cries when I leave her alone while she’s awake — she’s very much a people person so far. She loves watching and reaching for her brother, who has spurts of interest in her (“I want to hold it [E] and take a picture” at bedtime each night). Her face just lights up when he sits down near her, though.


She did have a short episode earlier this week, when she began vomiting all of a sudden. I had given her oatmeal made with formula that I had opened a month beforehand, so I think perhaps it had gone bad. (Meaning I unintentionally poisoned my daughter with bad formula? Ack. One more reason to keep breastfeeding.) She was all better by the next day (thank goodness), but I kept her off solid food until this evening.


Bedtime has been hard, but much better than last month. Since we have another child to get in bed, E’s bedtime routine usually ends up happening much later than it should, which often results in an overtired baby. And anyone who has children knows how much worse it is to put an overtired baby to bed. There’s a sweet spot — and we often miss it since we’re juggling two conflicting schedules each evening. But at least she’s back to sleeping soundly through the night once she’s down!


Statistics at 7 months:

  • Height/weight: Not sure, but she’s still long and lean!
  • Clothing size: 6-9 months
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Favorite foods: carrots with ginger were a BIG hit. She seems to be warming up to butternut squash, especially when mixed with apple and cinnamon.
  • Breastfeeding: about 6 times a day
  • Favorite toys: Teething rings (or anything else that will fit in her mouth)
  • Likes: Playing on her tummy on the floor and attempting to crawl; being held and walked around; being kissed and giving kisses; bath time; laughing at J
  • Dislikes: Being put down when she wants to be held; Being left alone when she’s awake

And just for fun, check out J’s seven month update from almost 3 years ago!

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