E at Six Months Old

This post is coming very, very late — it’s been two weeks since E’s 6 month birthday. But we were out of town that week, and this past week has been … difficult.

E at 6 months in chair

The onesie is contextually appropriate here. :) Purchased from SixpencePress on Etsy

As I write this, she is crying it out in her nursery. This has become part of her bedtime routine lately — she finishes nursing and doesn’t show any interest in being nursed or held or rocked. So I put her in the crib and let her work it out. Sometimes, she goes right to sleep. Other times, she cries for about 10 minutes until one (or both) of us go up to calm her down. Tag-teaming it works sometimes — D rocks her to calm her down, then hands her to me to nurse (again).

It’s a process. And I feel so helpless. I hate for her to be so unhappy.

E at 6 months in ergo carrier

She’s clearly got some stuff going on. I think she’s going through a growth spurt and beginning to teeth at the same time. She’s been much fussier than usual over the last week or two — isn’t as content to just lie on the floor and play but doesn’t seem all that happy being held either. She just can’t get comfortable. And today she had a teensy fever, so I know she doesn’t feel fantastic.

That said, she does still smile a good bit — and she often looks as though she wants to smile so badly but is in the middle of crying. I just want her to get past this phase (I hope it’s a phase!) so she can be her normal, happy self again. Breaks my heart.

E at 6 months on Batman sleeping bag

In other news, now that she’s six months, I’ve started giving her some solid foods. We started with baby oatmeal made with formula, which was a big hit. Even the first time, she tried to grab the spoon and put it in her mouth, and she opened her mouth for more. Next, she tried avocado — and was not a fan. Today, I introduced her to sweet potatoes and mashed banana, and she liked them both … I think. She ended up throwing a good bit of it up (or spitting it up?) during dinner tonight. Probably a result of the aforementioned fever and general not-feeling-well.

E at 6 months trying solid food

Teething rings are her new obsession. Everything within her reach goes straight to her mouth.¬†She’s still roly poly (when she’ll let me set her on the floor, that is), and we set up her hand-me-down jumper yesterday — and she loves it! She got the swing of turning the seat around right away.

(For those keeping score at home, the baby is now asleep after D and I tag teamed as described above.)

E at 6 months with daddy

And I’m so excited because I started this blog right before J’s six month update! Not that I will be comparing them — they are different kids entirely — but it’s interesting to see what was going on in our lives just under three years ago! Both long and lean, but she is thinner and taller than he was. She’s also rolling around a lot more — I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s an early walker (or at least not ‘late’ like he was — he was 16 months). We will soon see.

E’s stats at 6 months (and about a week):

  • Height: 28 inches (98%) — longgg
  • Weight: 13 lb 3 oz (6%) — leannn
  • Clothing size: 6 months or 9 months
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Teeth: none
  • Solid foods we’ve tried: baby oatmeal with banana, avocado, banana, sweet potato
  • Mobility: Has been rolling over both ways for months now! These days, she ‘swims’ on the floor (lifts her head, arms, and legs, and waves them around like she wants to crawl.)
  • Sounds: Raspberries are her new trick! Also says ‘ga-ga’ but mostly vowel sounds. Laughs out loud and babbles a lot.
  • Favorite toys: jumper, textured teethers
  • Sleeping: around¬†10 hours at night; three or four 45-minute to 1.5 hour naps per day. She’s not a great napper, but she sleeps well at night, so I can’t complain! She usually falls asleep around 9:30 (lately, it’s been later…) and wakes up at 8 am.
  • Likes: when I kiss her tummy; giving kisses to her momma (big, open-mouthed, wet ones on my cheeks — LOVE.); watching her daddy and her brother; smiling at people; grabbing and pinching the back of daddy’s neck (haha)
  • Dislikes: being left alone; being held while sitting down

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