E at Five Months Old

Five months? That’s almost half a year! Time, please slow down.

baby girl five months old

I’m soaking up every moment while she’s still little, but — of course — the greatest thing about E getting older is seeing her personality develop. Her brother was never a smiley baby (though he was certainly happy!), but E smiles constantly. If you speak to her, sing to her, look at her across the room, nurse her, change her diaper or clothes, give her a bath — anything to catch her eye — she will flash a giant smile back at you. It’s heart melting. She smiles with her whole face, and she even has a mysterious teeny tiny dimple on her right side, just next to her lips.

baby girl five months old

She is just so happy-go-lucky, seemingly all the time. She certainly has her moments when she fusses or cries, but it’s almost always because she’s sleepy. Otherwise, she’s all smiles. She has also started laughing occasionally — not just little squeals, but actual chuckles (or something similar). I suspect she’ll learn to fully laugh within the next month or so.

baby girl five months old

Little girl is getting busier and busier. She’s currently rolling over and over on (or more accurately, off) her activity mat. She discovered her feet this month. They are not going in her mouth yet, but her toes are clearly fascinating to her. Everything else, however, goes straight to the mouth, but no sign of teeth yet (luckily for this nursing momma).

siblings at four months and three years

From the very beginning, she’s been captivated by the objects and people around her. She keeps her gaze locked on J when he’s nearby. She is much more interested in him than he is in her most of the time. She is also starting to really play with and reach for her toys. (Hence the rolling around.) Her brother never seemed motivated to move for toys, so I wonder if this might mean she becomes mobile earlier… Uh oh.

baby girl five months old

Everyone talks about how gorgeous she is, and I must say I agree with them. (Not that her beauty is all that matters — I would have said the same if she were a boy!) There are times that I get frustrated with her — usually because she refuses to nap (unless I’m holding/nursing her) or she takes hours at night to get to sleep (I usually have to double feed her to get her down for good). But it’s hard to stay mad at her for long. I feel like I’ve truly lucked out. She’s such an easy, delightful baby for the most part.

baby girl five months old in a maya wrap ring sling

E’s stats at 5 months:

  • Next doctor’s appointment: April, so no height/weight stats this month.
  • Eating: Still exclusively breastfed, about 6 times a day.
  • Sleeping: Consistently through the night! Wakes up at 8 am, takes about three naps during the day, then asleep for the night around 9 pm. She usually falls asleep while nursing.
  • Clothing size: 3-6 months
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Likes: having her clothes changed (seriously.), nursing, being held
  • Dislikes: having a dirty diaper, being tired or alone

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