E at Four Months Old

Is it just me, or did January seem to last forever?! We’ve all been busy since E’s three month update, and although the broken bones and tantrums belonged to her brother, she’s been pretty busy herself.

E at 4 months in rocking chair

Right before her three month update, E flipped from front to back — and I was amazed. Well, on January 21 (3 months, 2 weeks), she flipped from back to front. Not even 4 months, and she can already turn over both ways?! Maybe she’ll be a gymnast.

E on tummy at 4 months

Another major milestone: E moved out of our bedroom and into her own crib on January 23. She spent the first three months of her life sleeping in the co-sleeper bassinet next to my bed, and I was hesitant to let my baby go. It’s funny how much more I want to hold onto these baby stages, knowing that she is (if all goes according to plan) my last baby. But it was time — and she was a champ. She had been taking naps in the crib for a while (almost from the beginning, actually — she never minded being alone), and she transitioned to nighttime in the nursery very easily. She slept for seven hours the first night before waking up at 4:30 am (pretty standard at the time), and she has been sleeping well ever since. I actually think she’s sleeping more soundly in her own crib than she did in our room. She’s an independent gal.

E at 4 months old with headband

Those eyelashes! <3

Her sleep schedule in general is just getting better and better. She’s been an almost scary good sleeper since she was born, but for the last couple of weeks, she has been sleeping consistently through the night. Sometimes getting her down at bedtime is a time-consuming process (and with a three-year-old requiring his own bedtime routine, we often spend multiple hours just trying to get the kids in bed). But once she’s truly asleep, she stays down until 6 or 7 in the morning — usually more than 8 hours, and sometimes more like 12! No complaints here. Her schedule is improving during the day, too, and I think we’re falling into a more predictable routine with a long (four-hour) morning nap and two (one-hour) afternoon naps.

E at four months standing up

When she isn’t sleeping, she’s usually content to lie on her floor mat, pulling on, reaching for, and chewing on her toys. She’s vocalizing a lot these days, babbling to herself while she plays and laughing (or, rather, squealing) when I kiss her hands or tickle her face with my hair. She loves to watch her brother — or any person who happens to be around, really. She wants to be in on the action! She’s just precious and is generally very laid back and happy. She cries or whimpers when she wakes up, wants to be held, is hungry, or has a dirty diaper, but she screams very, very rarely (and only for a pretty good reason, like when she got her four month shots).

mom and daughter with same facial expression

Baby E at almost 4 months (left) and baby me at 1 month (right) making the same facial expression. My mom and I got a kick out of the similarity!

E’s four month stats:

  • Height: 2 feet, 1 inch (90%)
  • Weight: 11 lb., 12 oz. (5-10%) — super long and lean, apparently…
  • Head circumference: 60th percentile (I can’t read the doc’s handwriting…)
  • Clothing size: 3-6 months (can still fit into a few 3 month things, too)
  • Diaper size: 2
  • Sleeping: 8-10 hours at night; 4 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon
  • Favorite activities: nursing, playing and smiling with momma, changing her clothes, looking in the mirror, sitting up (assisted) or standing (obviously assisted), being held and walked around the room, being sung to
  • Doesn’t like: being on her tummy (hence the rolling), hats and headbands that make her head itch (gotta be all cotton for this girl — my kids have sensitive skin), having a dirty diaper, the pacifier (except under very sleepy circumstances)

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