It’s a…

Ok, so those of you who are Facebook friends learned this a week ago. Not sure why I haven’t written a full blog post yet. In my defense, it’s been an unusually crazy week at work.

But enough excuses.

We’re expecting a little GIRL!Girl Ultrasound at 16.5 weeks

We went in at 16 weeks, 4 days to get this news, so the ultrasound was specifically for this purpose. We just so happened to have the same ultrasound tech that did the NT scan at 12 weeks — at which point she told me she thought it was a girl. Turns out she was right! This time, she told us she’s 99.5% sure it’s a girl. heh.

Everyone in my family has been thinking for weeks that this one was a girl — even J. We’d ask him if he wanted a brother or sister, and he would always answer “sister.” Probably because it’s the easier word to say, but whatever.

girl ultrasound 16 weeks profile

We got some beautiful pictures from the ultrasound (as beautiful as sonograms can be, I guess). Look at that precious profile!

One super cool thing was that during the ultrasound, the baby started drinking. She was opening her mouth really wide over and over and swallowing big gulps of amniotic fluid. It was incredible to watch.

When we revealed the gender to our friends and family, we also revealed her name. Since I don’t share names on this blog, I won’t put it here, but it starts with an ‘E’ — so if you see references to a mysterious ‘E’ on the blog, this bundle of joy is whom I’m referring to!

girl ultrasound 16 weeks

Back when we were pregnant with J, we talked openly with our families about our various name choices from the very beginning. This time, I vowed to keep the name a secret until it was set in stone — I wanted it to be wholly D’s and my decision, without the influence of others’ opinions. I have no regrets — we’re both thrilled with the name we’ve chosen, and since we didn’t reveal it until we were completely sure about what it was, we didn’t get any unwelcome feedback on it.

I’ve been stunned at how quickly this baby started to seem really real after we found out it was a girl. It’s amazing what using her name and the correct pronouns has done to bring the pregnancy into the realm of reality.

It’s funny how even though this is my second pregnancy, it still feels as new and exciting as my first. Every time I feel her move (which is pretty often — at least a few times a day) or look down at my growing belly (and almost outie), it just warms my heart!

Of course, it also terrifies me. I know what’s coming — sleepless nights, bouts of mastitis,¬†financial stress. And this time, I have a whole other small human to prepare for all this change. I’ve got a lot on my mind these days.

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