3 Months (or so) Pregnant

Well, here I am — firmly in the second trimester at 15 weeks along, and I’ve only had one pregnancy-related post so far. But better late than never, right?

I figured I’d stop by with some updates, for my own records if nothing else. I wish I had kept better notes from my first pregnancy, so I certainly want to write a few things down from time to time.

Something else I didn’t do with my first pregnancy: bump photos. At the time, I thought they seemed tacky and unnecessary (even though I always felt beautiful while pregnant), but now I wish I had more pictures of my belly.

15 weeks pregnant belly

I feel like I started showing a lot earlier this time (which is typical), but strangely, I’m carrying way higher. I carried super low with J — my belly button was completely flat (not an outie) because the bump was way down in between my hip bones. This time, my belly button started to pop as soon as the belly began to form. I’ve read that women typically carry lower with the second pregnancy since all the muscles and things are stretched out already, so I’m a little surprised.

I’m still wearing my normal clothes for the most part, but I can no longer button my jeans and am starting to wear looser shirts. I still have maternity jeans from the first pregnancy, but they tend to fall down a lot. Instead, I’ve been wearing my normal jeans with an elastic band holding the button/button hole together and a belly band on top to smooth it out. So far, this has been much more comfortable (and certainly better-looking). I can actually still button my super low-rise jeans since I’m carrying high. That was definitely not a possibility the first time around.

Other than feeling a bit large in the abdominal area, I’m feeling pretty much normal these days. Now that the nausea of the first trimester (and most of my food aversions) have subsided, I don’t have that constant reminder that I’m pregnant, and I often “forget.” Of course, I have a lot on my mind these days between a toddler and work and a house on the market. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to dwell on the pregnancy. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, though. I’m glad to be busy and excited about all of the many things happening in my life!

On Sunday, I felt the baby move for the first time. It was a totally different feeling from those first movements in the first pregnancy, though — not so much a “flutter” as … almost like a ball rolling down the side of my uterus. This baby seems to be pretty active so far — s/he was a total wiggle worm during the nuchal translucency ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (the results from which were excellent, by the way).

After my doctor’s appointment this morning, I scheduled a ‘peak-a-boo’ ultrasound for next Friday to find out the baby’s sex. (I’ll be about 16.5 weeks along.) Insurance won’t cover it, but when my mom offered to pay the expense, I took her up on it! Excited to have some certainty so I can really start preparing for the next kid. I don’t want to say what I think it is because I don’t want to be wrong, but I’ll be sure to report back in a week and a half. Any guesses?

As for J, we’ve been trying to talk to him a lot about the baby, asking him whether he thinks it will be a brother or a sister (his answer is always the same) and introducing the concept of our family growing. I’m sure it’s all very abstract to him, so I’d guess he doesn’t quite ‘get it’ yet. We’re trying to talk about it regularly and as just a part of life because that’s exactly what it is.

A few stats:

  • Weight gained: About 3 pounds
  • Last doctor’s appointment: this morning
  • Next doctor’s appointment: May 22 (19 weeks along)
  • Next ultrasound: I’ve got a ‘peak-a-boo’ session planned for next Friday to find out the sex.
  • Baby’s heartbeat: 156 bpm today
  • Baby’s size: about 4 in and 2.5 oz (the size of a pear, according to my pregnancy app)

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