17 Months Old

May 24 marked 17 months of baby J! This post is extremely late… but better late than never, right?

One year ago (5 months old):

Sitting unsupported

17 months old:

J at 17 months old

J’s very much in a stage now where he is a big boy in many ways, but still such a baby in others. He’s finally walking, and he is quickly gaining confidence! He’s not quite running, but he’s walking very fast and hardly ever crawls anymore. His arms are slowly inching down — they started high above his head, but now they’re out to his sides to assist with balance. On family walks, he stops at speed bumps, lets go of my hand, and carefully steps over the hump. The pride on his face is priceless. Sometimes, he pulls his hand away if we’re not going where he wants to go, and occasionally he’ll go all limp and whine… but he’s not having full-blown tantrums yet. He’s a pretty laid back kid for the most part.

J at the beach at 17 months

He’s also developing an adorable sense of humor. He figured out months ago that doing certain things will make us laugh, but now he’s started laughing at himself, by himself. He’ll be looking at something (even when no one’s around) and point to it and laugh to himself… or he’ll talk/babble to himself or to us and then laugh as though he had just told a very funny joke. His goofy little laugh is hilarious — more of a “Ha Ha Ha!” than a real laugh. (Of course, his real laughs are even more precious, and tickling is the easiest way to get them out of him.)

Papa and J with cell phone

Playing “pretend” is another new thing. It started with phones — he learned to hold my iPhone up to his ear, and then hand it to me to “answer.” Sometimes he acts like he is talking to someone on the phone. He also does this with the orange fish toy in the bathtub. I’m not sure why. At the beach, he would pretend he was going to eat sand (although many times, he actually did) and act like he was taunting us like, “Are you gonna tell me not to eat it? Isn’t this so funny?” He also likes to pick up empty cups and “drink” from them, then he laughs. Oh, and speaking of phones, he’s an expert these days. He knows where his folder of baby apps is on my phone, and selects specific apps to open, like interactive books and the camera app. (Above, he’s showing Papa how to use his Android.)

J in a beach chair at 17 months

But even with all that self- and social-awareness, he’s still a little baby. We’re transitioning to only one nap a day, partly because of his new daycare (I’ll post about that another time). He’s doing pretty well so far, but it’s definitely not natural for him right now. Luckily he continues to sleep well at night, from about 7 pm to 8 am. Switching to a new daycare and attending every weekday has caused a return of separation anxiety. He’s having a difficult time adjusting to the new schedule, but even in just the last 5 days, he’s made a lot of improvement. He’s not talking much yet — just babbling with an occasional word thrown in. His vocabulary is pretty limited for the time being.

Holding momma's hand at the beach

Holding momma's hand at the beach

17 month stats:

  • Teeth: 12 (two new molars this month!)
  • Clothing size: 18 months, but the pants are big around the waist.
  • Diaper size: 4 (Target brand)
  • Sleeping: 1pm to 3pm (nap) and 7pm to 8am (night)
  • Likes: Ice cream/popsicles; eating in general; being tickled; being chased; walking by himself; playing in the ocean (as long as momma or daddy is there); bathtime; flipping through books
  • Dislikes: Having his teeth brushed; Being dropped off at daycare

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