14 Months Old

My sweet, smiley, cuddly, hilarious little boy is growing up!

14 weeks:

14 weeks in antique family heirloom gown

14 months:

J at 14 months with his grandfather's chair

A note about the above two photos: J’s 14 week pictures were taken in the Christening gown that has been passed down through multiple generations of my husband’s family. The 14 month pictures we took today included the ~80-year-old chair that his great-grandfather (coincidentally, on the same side of the family) owned as child (which he recently refurbished and gave to us this past Christmas). 

I think I’ll start this post off with the biggest news of the month — and it happened last night. J is weaned! (I think.) Last month, he was still nursing 3 times a day. Soon after that post, we dropped the midday feeding, and a couple of weeks ago, we dropped the morning feeding. That meant just the last feeding before bedtime was left… and yesterday, we skipped that one, too. I had expected the process to last much longer than it has — especially dropping that bedtime feeding — but J and I have both weaned seamlessly over the last two months. For each feeding that we’ve dropped, I followed his lead, so it’s felt like an extremely natural process. I’ve also experienced no lactation/engorgement issues, so that’s a major plus, especially considering my multiple bouts with mastitis early on.

J and momma

I’m feeling a little sad — weaning seems like the final proof that my baby is no longer a baby. I also wish that our last feeding had been, somehow, more memorable or poetic… But ultimately, I’m very happy. I am proud of myself for sticking with it (the child never had an ounce of formula!), and I’ll always cherish the time we were able to spend together during all those nursing sessions. I’m also excited to put the breast pump away for good (at least until #2) and to have the freedom to leave J with a babysitter (sans bottle) for an occasional night out! And not that I’m a lush, but it’ll be great to be able to enjoy the occasional glass of wine with dinner again. :)

J with his hands on his head

Anyway, back to the baby. This month, he had his first haircut, sprouted teeth 7 and 8, and discovered that he can clap his hands. His favorite party trick is putting his hands on his head, then on the table, then back on his head… especially if you copy him (see above). Hilarious for all involved. J also learned to say da-da this month! He’s still not walking (and seems even less interested in trying lately), but he’s really been working hard on language this month. He’s constantly babbling and “talking,” often looking at us as though we should fully understand what he’s saying. I’m not positive, but I think he may have said “duck” a couple of weeks ago… and then a few days later, it sounded like he said “butt” after I told him to stop touching his butt while I was changing his diaper. I think I’d rather write “duck” next to “first word” in the baby book, thankyouverymuch. Then tonight during his bath, I swear he was trying to say “water” (though it sounded more like “ah-ter”) over and over and over. And he *may* have said “necklace” twice when I showed him my necklace. Short story: I’m really not sure whether he’s actually saying words or I’m just hearing things. I’m so afraid he’s saying real words all the time, and I just don’t realize it. I’m discovering that this whole “first word” thing is a lot more of a gray area than it seems…

baby and daddy looking at iPad

Every afternoon, J, daddy, and I play in the living room on his new rug from Ikea. (We’re Ikea addicts. And they have some awesome kids’ stuff.) And ever since reading this amazing article about Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, I’ve been letting J watch some of it on Amazon Instant Video (they have almost all of it!).

J watching mr rogers

I’m probably not unusual in this, but as a child, I loved Mr. Rogers. One of my earliest memories was when I was three years old and my parents got a kitten. The way I remember it, we were standing on the back porch at my parents’ house, and they asked me what we should name the kitten. I immediately yelled, “Mr. Rogers!!” and my mom suggested “Fred” instead. So yes, one of my first pets was named after Mr. Rogers. Well, even as an adult, I’ve found the show to be mesmerizing. He was just so genuine and nice and still — a breath of fresh air compared to hectic, manic shows like Yo Gabba Gabba. Interestingly, J actually watches Mr. Rogers when it’s on — especially the Neighborhood of Make-believe parts. Yo Gabba Gabba seems to bore him in comparison. I wonder if it’s because Mr. Rogers speaks on a child’s level without ever speaking down to them. Treating others with respect can go a long way, even with very young children. (Says the woman whose child has not yet reached the terrible twos. Talk to me again in a year.)

toddler playing with mega blocks

Mr. Rogers is right, by the way — you can learn a lot from playing! This month, J’s learned to put Mega Blocks together, drive cars around (his daddy bought him his first itty bitty Batmobile toy!), send cars down his roller coaster track, cover things with cups, put mega blocks in his dump truck… but his favorite thing is to press buttons. He loves buttons! Especially if pressing them yields a response. Turning on/off light switches, turning on daddy’s video game consoles, turning on the TV with the big button, chasing after remotes, and pressing the buttons on his toy keys and big dump truck.

J getting licked on the toes by the dog

J’s stats at 14 months:

  • Next doctor’s appointment: Next month for his 15 month appointment
  • Breastfeeding: as of yesterday, none!
  • Clothing size: 24 month shirts; between sizes 12 and 24 month in pants…
  • Diapers: Target brand, size 3
  • Teeth: 8 so far, but he’s had big swollen gums for weeks now where his first two molars are coming in!
  • Favorite foods: Broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, clementines, bananas, grapes, berries
  • Sleeping: 12-14 hours at night; two 2-hour naps during the day
  • Likes: being tickled, bathtime, pressing buttons, being held, sleeping with his fuzzy elephant blanket
  • Dislikes: being cold after his bath, having his nose wiped

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