New Word, New Discovery, New Furniture

As of yesterday, J can say “Daddy”/”Da-da” — and despite D’s insistence that it’s not true, J is definitely saying these things to or about D. It’s adorable. Speaking of which, he’s been really into Daddy lately. He gets excited when he comes home and cries when he leaves the room. After a year of being a full-on Momma’s boy, I’m glad J’s giving his Daddy some special attention — I know how much it means to him!

Then today, J suddenly realized (a bit late, according to the books) that he can clap his hands. For months and months, he’s been clapping MY hands. He even claps his own feet together. But today he discovered that he can just put his hands together. I’m relieved. (Wasn’t this supposed to happen at, like, 7 months?)

J holding a red block at 13 months

In other J news, he’s been working on two top molars. They’ll be his first. It looks incredibly painful — he has these huge, swollen knobs on his gums where they’re coming in — but apart from a little more chewing and drooling, J’s been taking it like a champ! They haven’t broken through yet, but I’ll be glad when they do. It ought to make chewing a lot easier, too!

Anyway, we spent the majority of our Saturday doing even more home improvement. We made a trip to IKEA and used a gift card from my mom to buy a new dining room buffet! (MANY thanks to my handsome and handy husband! He labored longer today than I did during childbirth. Ha!)

leksvik buffet from ikea

It’s not the color we’d like (ideally, it’d match our brown-black table and chairs), but we liked the rest of the features of this one, and the price was right. (For the record, it’s the Leksvik buffet, which only comes in the antique color.) Someday, we’d like to restain it (it’s solid pine) with a gel stain (apparently that doesn’t require sanding!), but for now, we’ve convinced ourselves that the color doesn’t look so bad and that it contrasts nicely with the dark furniture. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

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