J’s First Haircut

J doesn’t have a whole lot of hair — it’s pretty thin and very fine, thanks to both me and his father. Still, it was getting long and wild in the back, and mullets aren’t a good look on anyone. It was definitely time for his first haircut.

baby hair mullet

I’ve been putting it off for weeks. For one thing, it’s kind of bittersweet to be cutting off the hair he was born with. I also just didn’t know where to take him. There’s a kids-only salon nearby, but I couldn’t justify the $25+ price tag for a first haircut. I certainly didn’t dare try it myself (he’d be worse off than before, I’m sure).

Ultimately, I decided to chance it by going to a barber shop. Great choice! They were super nice and friendly and made J (and us) feel very comfortable for his first time in a salon. I’ve read horror stories about kids freaking out in the chair, and I’m so glad that that wasn’t the case with my little one.

barber shop first haircut

I suppose I’m not really surprised, though. J’s always super laid back, and today was no exception. He was cool as a cucumber for the entire haircut (including our 20-minute wait).

baby's first haircut

The barber started slow, with just a little clipping before bringing out the razor. And as soon as J started yawning (naptime was approaching), he began to finish up. He told us he would stop if J ever seemed upset or antsy so that he wouldn’t have bad associations with getting his hair cut. I appreciated that he was so attentive to my son’s mood during the whole thing.

When he held up the mirror for J to see his new ‘do, J smiled. Success! Even the kiddo is pleased.

Examining his first haircut in the mirror

I’m so glad his first haircut was a good experience!

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