And We’re Back in Cloth …

Well, after two weeks of disposable diapers, we have gone back to using cloth.

Per usual, after only a few days of using disposables, J’s little bottom started getting really red. I used Honest healing balm religiously every time I changed his diaper, but there was no improvement. (I’ve tried Boudreaux’s Butt Paste in the past, and it didn’t help, so this time I figured I’d try something new.) I change his diaper every 3 hours (minimum), so it’s not because he’s sitting in filth for too long.

Then on Thursday night, we were getting J ready for bed and noticed that his rash had gotten really bad (again), to the point where there were what looked like open wounds with a little blood. Not good. It almost looks like little scratches all over his butt cheek, along with splotches and dry, irritated skin. Just… not good. J’s skin must just be very sensitive. This has happened with both Pampers and Huggies. I think we may have to try Target brand again — they didn’t seem to bother him quite so much.

Anyway, we decided to put him in a cloth diaper for the night to see what happened. And the next morning, it was almost completely cleared up. There were no ointments used… Just cloth against his skin instead of plastic (and whatever else is in disposable diapers).

And so, just like that, we’re back in cloth diapers. But I think it’ll be ok this time. His poops (since I know you care) are actually solid now (!!), so they just roll into the toilet, which means the diapers aren’t smeared with gloopy poop. (Pleasant, no?) And now that life has calmed down a bit (the two weeks surrounding Labor Day were crazy town), maybe I’ll be able to juggle things a bit better.

J’s had a couple of big weeks, too. In case you missed it, he can now army crawl, say “bahbahbah,” and pull up to standing — even in his crib.

J at 38 weeks, rooting for Auburn

In other news, I got my haircut recently. It’s super short, and I love it. J still manages to pull it, but not nearly as much. And when he pulls, he doesn’t get whole chunks of broken hair. Getting my hair cut was a bit of an adventure… The stylist told me I have very unsual hair. It’s very fine (hence the constant breaking when it’s long), but it’s curly (especially in the back) and very thick. I knew I wanted something short that utilized my curl (I definitely don’t have the time/energy to straighten my hair these days [read: ever]), with lots of movement and bangs to frame my face. I like the way it turned out! It’s super easy to fix. I just put some Aveda Be Curly and Confixor in it, scrunch, and go. (And when I have time/energy, I can blow it dry, which makes it look much better, but I’m lazy.) In this picture, it’s still a little bit wet, so bear that in mind. I love how different (but still easy) it is. Certainly more interesting than a ponytail, which is all I could wear before, but still not mom-ish (right?).

J and his momma

Hard to believe J’s 38 weeks old today. That’s almost as long as I was pregnant! Time is flying by.

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